Inspired by the mythological fable of Hercules stealing Diana's favourite deer,
Vice President)
whisks you

into a busy pocket

of Melbourne’s

high flyers living in a hypothetical Australian Republic. Opening with a quick snippet over a few thousand years ago, in Imperial Rome, DEANA VP
is the tale of

a modern dysfunctional

group of people confronting

an age-old conundrum:

the dichotomies between genders,

sex and power.

Deana VP

theatre play
in two acts
Pasquale M Palmieri
(in English)

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Australian Premiere
Fri 1 June @ 8pm
Sat 2 June, @ 3pm
Sat 2 June, @ 8pm

Chapel Off Chapel Theatre

12 Little Chapel St
Enquiries 03 8290 7000
10am-5pm 7 days




 Shirley Cattunar / Latona
(The wealthy business woman)
Leto/Letum, Diana’s mother and Titan Goddess of being unseen and evasive 

Lana Meltzer / Deana VP
(Vice President)
Diana, the virgin maiden Goddess of the Hunt, Nature and all Creatures 

Claudia Greenstone / Aphro
(The Sex Therapist)
Aphrodite,the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality 

Troy Larkin / Polo
(The gay actor out of work)
Apollo, Diana’s twin brotherand God of Light, Music, Poetry and the Arts

Ange Arabatzis / Ercole
(Also starring as Fliko)
Hercules, the invincible hero Half-God,disguised as his half brother Iphicles (Fliko) son of Amphitryon and Alcmene

Camilla van Rosendal Dancer
William Ramsay Dancer

and Patrons' Reviews

The happy family (L-R)

Amelia Wignell
Claudia Greenstone
Lana Meltzer
Pasquale M Palmieri
Shirley Cattunar
Izeqiel McCoy
Troy Larkin
Ange Arabatzis

Camilla van Rosendal

William Ramsay

The Melbourne Italian Festival presents DEANA VP(in English)
A Melbourne Italian Festival 2012 Australian premiere!
Directed by Izeqiel McCoy
Lighting by John McKissock
Console by Tom Willis

Passionate and funny, alternating between humour and suspense, this play dares to expose the common "behind-the-scene" fierce playing-out of political power at the highest levels, of unscrupulous individuals conspiring and engaging for supremacy and personal gaining.


Jupiter (Australia Republic's first President) gives Ercole (Hercules} the task to infiltrate Latona's family (Leto) and steal Deana's heart by marrying her, with the aim of repossessing the usage rights of a huge NLG gas deposit in Western Australia. Ercole, disguised as his brother Fliko (Iphicles), befriends Deana's gay twin brother Polo (Apollo) and is invited to stay at the family mansion in Toorak, where Deana's best friend Aphro (Aphrodite), a sex therapist and TV raising star, is also a guest. The undercover plan is compromised by Latona's surprise revelation of Jupiter's best kept secret, as the situation gets quickly out of hand, with an unexpected twist at the end of the second act.

DEANA VP is the third of Pasquale's plays successfully produced by the Melbourne Italian Festival, following in the steps of ALBATROSS performed at the NGV in 2009 and BENJAMIN MARY performed at Gas Works Theatre in 2010.

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