Pasquale has been enjoying writing since a very young age. He was fourteen when he wrote his first novel "L'albero".

L'albero (The Tree), the story of an alienated young man who has a tree as his best friend.

C'era una volta (Once upon a time), a fantastic fable about reincarnation and the magic of life.

Albatross, award winning theatre play in three acts about relationships and the alienation of modern society, in the search of 'the happy couple'.

Noi (Us), the story of seven individuals who, following a sudden dramatic event, discover to be the same person.

Please Read Me, non fiction about marriage, divorce and the children left behind as casualties.

40 Something, a window of a few weeks on the life of twelve friends, their relationships, their fears, their idiosyncrasies and their dreams.

Benjamin Mary, theatre play in one act that, alternating between humour and sadness, dares to expose a couple’s relationship as it transforms throughout the years.

Doors, theatre play in one act. Five individuals find themselves in a waiting room coming from different doors, unaware of what and who is expecting them on the other side. As each character's story unfolds, the play challenges the perceptions and beliefs hiding behind their common world of illusion.

Deana VP, theatre play in two acts inspired by the mythological fable of Hercules' task, ordered by Jupiter to steal Diana's favourite deer.
Deana VP whisks you into a busy pocket of Melbourne’s high flyers living in an improbable future, going from a quick snippet over a few thousand years ago, to the tale of a modern dysfunctional group of people confronting an age-old conundrum:
the dichotomies between genders and sex & power.

40 Something a novel by Pasquale M Palmieri NOI a novel by Pasquale M Palmieri i

Winner of the Di Cranston Award at the 2007 National Literary Awards, in the category of theatre plays, radio scripts and film screenplays with his Albatross

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L'albero (in Italian)
C'era una volta... (in Italian)
Noi (in Italian)
40 Something
Please Read Me
Love You Dad



Benjamin Mary

Deana VP

Florence 0.9

Voyage Out

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NOI a novel by Pasquale M Palmieri
Simonne (one of the female characters in NOI) - pastel pencil drawing by Pasquale

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