Benjamin Mary

The journey...

Shirley Cattunar, Kristina Benton (our beloved understudy), Pasquale Palmieri, Nancy Finn, Izeqiel McCoy, Alice Sainsbury, Rebecca Jensen, Milan Perkins, Camilla van Rosendal and John McKissock

Day one, first rehearsal at the actors' studio. Around the table Shirley Cattunar, Alice Sainsbury, Pasquale Palmieri, Izeqiel McCoy

Shirley Cattunar and Nancy Finn rehearsing with Mannequin at Gasworks Theatre

Izeqiel McCoy giving Mannequin stage directions

Pasquale Palmieri and assistant trying to stop Izeqiel McCoy from abusing Mannequin for not listening

Milan Perkins, Alice Sainsbury and Nancy Finn enjoying a well deserved break

Shirley Cattunar, Milan Perkins, Nancy Finn, Alice Sainsbury and Mannequin first stage rehearsal

Milan Perkins' intense pathos at rehearsal

Mannequin getting ready for his first live performance

All systems go! Ten days from start to finish... we are on stage

Action! All happening at once, including the unexpected...

Rebecca Jensen performing her solo "red light" dance

Mary 50, Benjamin and Flirt - reflection of Benje's thoughts

Milan Perkins performing the "last song"

Bravi! It's done! The actors salute the applauding audience

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