Award winning theatre play, originally in three acts.
The English version
of the play
has been adapted in 2008 to a two act
stage performance

An investigation takes place in the First Act into the idiosyncrasies, dichotomies and dreams of human nature, the alienation affecting modern society and the conflicts between genders, in the search of
‘the happy couple’.
Suddenly gunshots are heard, and the First Act closes with soldiers running on stage.
The Second Act opens with a change of scene.
The Hero, Margot, Esther and Ronen wandering about in disbelief, seem to be the only survivors of the blitz.
Only when two unexpected characters, Guth and Luther, walk on stage, does the mystery finally unfold, before a new twist at the very end of the play...




Award winning play
in three acts
Pasquale M Palmieri

Winner of the
Di Cranston Award
at the
National Literary Awards
in the category of
theatre plays,
radio scripts and
film screenplays

2 December 2008
First playreading of Albatross two acts stage adaptation at The Deck in Bay Street, Brighton
(in English)

Directed by
Angelo Salamanca

Peter Stratford
Izeqiel Denn McCoy
John Francis Howard
Nancy Finn
Jan Friendl
Serge De Nardo
Shane Luther
Jae Dee Scott
Belinda Kirwan
John McKissock
"A densely written and confronting play which deals with a number of key issues... A distinctive voice to present quality writing that is both individual and compelling..."

Peter Krausz, Chair of the Australian Film Critics Association

7 June 2009
First Read Performance of Albatross
stage adaptation
in two acts at
Clemenger Auditorium
NGV International
(National Gallery of Victoria)
180 St Kilda Road
(in English)

Produced by
Melbourne Italian Festival
in conjunction with the Italian Institute of Culture and the National Gallery of Victoria

Directed by
Izeqiel Denn McCoy

Izeqiel Denn McCoy
Belinda Kirwan
Serge De Nardo
Nadia Andary
Nancy Finn
Milan Perkins
Gina Morley
Tom Anthony Roberts
Steven Stagg
Rob Graham
Camilla van Rosendal
Music by
Rob Severini
Camilla van Rosendal
John McKissock
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Second act, stage shot (left to right)
Tom Anthony Roberts (Narrator), Gina Morley (Guth), Izeqiel Denn McCoy (Hero), Belinda Kirwan (Margot), Nancy Finn (Esther), Milan Perkins (Ronen), Rob Graham (Luther)

Cast celebrating (left to right)
Belinda Kirwan, Gina Morley, Serge De Nardo, Tom Anthony Roberts, Izeqiel Denn McCoy, Milan Perkins, Pasquale Palmieri, Rob Graham, Nadia Andary, Angelo Salamanca (the director of December's reading), Steven Stagg, Nancy Finn.
Missing: Camilla van Rosendal, Rob Severini and John McKissock... gone "walkabout" after the show

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