Please Read Me
you commit to a relationship)

A non-fiction
award winning author
Pasquale M Palmieri

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ISBN: 978-1482-768-169
212 pages

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First Reader's review

There is a very important message in " Please Read Me", basically l will sum it up this way; we need a new way of thinking about long term relationships to deal intelligently with contemporary reality.

We can stand by and just watch a train wreck happen, or we can modify our expectations and behaviour to better deal with the reality before us.

Pasquale Palmieri is a brave soul who has taken the time to think very deeply about these important things.

Everyone should read this book.

Jillian Musat 

“With this non-fiction work Pasquale, a survivor of two divorces, wishes to expose the contrast existing between the ancient values of the past that we keep applying to our lives and the changes that have hijacked and shaped our present.

In today’s life, how can we maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship?

How can we cope with the emotional turmoil if a relationship ends?

Marriage and the children of divorce; do we have to break a few old walls to still get to the end of the line together?

Are these human romantic dreams gone forever?”

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More Reader's reviews

Thought-provoking and real 
Yes, yes yes! Please read this book before committing - for the first time, or once again - to a relationship!

Based on the author’s obvious continuing passion for understanding the relationship journey most seem to go through, “Please Read Me” does not purport to give slick answers. Rather it poses some sticky, potentially uncomfortable, eternally fascinating questions that are crucial to explore if we want deep, fulfilling and delightful intimate relationships. As I traversed its pages, I felt as though someone had taken a sneak peek into my life and loves!

Taking the reader on a journey through the first thrilling throes of romantic love, to commitment, marriage, family, divorce and the subsequent impact on all, and most crucially the innocent children left in the wake of our adult dramas, Pasquale Palmieri takes a refreshing perspective on ‘What went wrong?’.

Beneath the words lies a recurring theme of ‘Know Thyself’, alluding to man’s ancient and ongoing quest for self-knowledge, and which was inscribed at the entry to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Does Palmieri perhaps suggest it is also the key to enable entry to the potential delights of an authentic, sustainable relationship?

‘Please Read Me’ is not a book to be read only once. It is one that can be randomly opened time and time again, as I have done, with enough food for philosophical discussions, deeper thinking and self-reflection to keep any seeker of love and truth satisfied for a long time...and hopefully to make different, braver choices for a different, more desirable outcome.

Kalli Pulos 
October 16, 2014. Amazon verified.

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