Love You Dad

A novel
award winning author
Pasquale M Palmieri


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ISBN: 978 1 546 85930 7
600 pages

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Cahan Conan Connell (Kane) is a young, talented musician and the single father of a 7 year old girl, Kelly.
He loses both his parents in a car accident when he is only 3 years old, and is raised by his sister Cara on the family dairy farm.

A child prodigy, at the age of five he begins learning piano gaining scholarship after scholarship as his life turns into a permanent quest, searching for a father figure and his bearings as a man.

A testosterone charged tale of love, fear, friendship, manliness, single parenting and musical passion spanning over three continents: Australia, North America and Europe.

First Reader's review

An insightful and enjoyable journey from throbbing youth to gentle man and loving single parent.

Palmieri is a skilled wordsmith. There isn't a wasted word.
The story is full of wonderful phrases.

The characters are alive and knowable, the insights authentic and intelligent.

A rolling and rewarding read. Highly recommended.

Vicki Jaeger
Melbourne, Australia

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