Deana VP

The journey...

Shirley Cattunar, Lana Meltzer, Claudia Greenstone, Troy Larkin, Ange Arabatzis, Camilla van Rosendal, William Ramsay, Izeqiel McCoy, John McKissockand Pasquale M Palmieri. (Photos by Mauro)

Tuesday 8 May 2012 -
Day one. The "magic circle" at the actors' studio, St Andrews Theatre Hall in Brighton.
(L-R) Pasquale M Palmieri, Claudia Greenstone, Ange Arabatzis, Troy Larkin, Shirley Cattunar, Lana Meltzer, and director Izeqiel McCoy

Actors warming up for first rehearsal. Director Izeqiel McCoy observing Pasquale M Palmieri, quite puzzled by the smirk smile on his face... Could he really be enjoying it so much, or was he just becoming a bit of a softy with age?

Director Izeqiel McCoy finalizing his own CLT technique to induct the actors and have them ready for stage in only three weeks time...
CLT: Ize's own revolutionary Character Lobotomy Technique

Director Izeqiel McCoy performing the lobotomy initiation on Ange Arabatzis, bestowing the character's name "Ercole" upon him, under the worried eyes of Shirley Cattunar and Troy Larkin

Concerned Shirley Cattunar, Lana Meltzer and Claudia Greenstone nervously waiting for their turn to be initiated and receive their own Ize's character lobotomy

Monday 28 May 2012 -
Three weeks after day one. Ize's CLT worked with no collateral effects! A rejoicing Shirley Cattunar celebrates the cast's first day in the theatre space, at Chapel off Chapel

Shirley Cattunar's gesture of victory in appreciation of the sweets and coffee (showing in the background) compliments of Chapel off Chapel's staff on bump-in day. Troy Larkin wispering words of caution, warning that something could be devious, mendacious or insidious with them, as he had never experienced such kindness ever before

Ange Arabatsis caught trying to escape character by director Izeqiel McCoy lurking in the dark!
No place to hide, no safe house for the cast. Elusive like a ninja, Ize spied every single movement of the actors ready to capture any sign of the character lobotomy weakening its effect

Claudia Greenstone trying to console and cheer up a devastated Lana Meltzer after having rehearsed her final monologue. Lana's lobotomy has gone so deep that she has actually become Deana herself.
Note director Izeqiel McCoy in tears in the background

Full cast at lunch break, miming of having a meal.
Unfortunately biscuits, canapés, party food, chicken satay, samosas and goat tarts were out of the question, as the producers were able to afford, and offer, only first morning coffees

Director Izeqiel McCoy, unable of finding a place for himself within the play, on his knees, desperately begging choreographer Camilla van Rosendal to at least allow him to dance in the opening act

Director Izeqiel McCoy, happy as a child, showing his disco dancing moves while rehearsing with professional dancers and choreographers Camilla van Rosendal and William Ramsay

Friday 1 June 2012 - Three weeks-three days after day one... Deana VP premieres! Shirley Cattunar and Lana Meltzer on stage, Imperial Rome, a few thousand years ago

Claudia Greenstone instructing naive Lana Meltzer about male's anatomic proportions

Example (1) of Shirley Cattunar's impressive chameleonic abilities

Example (2) of Shirley Cattunar's impressive chameleonic abilities

The girls. Lana Meltzer and Claudia Greenstone, Deana and Aphro giggling

The boys. Ange Arabatzis and Troy Larkin, Ercole and Polo giggling

Ange Arabatzis and Troy Larkin, Ercole and Polo... is he going to kiss him?

Ange Arabatzis and Troy Larkin, Ercole and Polo... has he?

Claudia Greenstone, the extremely sexy Aphro...

Lana Meltzer and Ange Arabatzis, in Lana's and Ercole's official family portrait

Shirley Cattunar and Troy Larkin, as Latona and Polo, surrounded by Deana VP's complex and high-tech set design

Claudia Greenstone and Troy Larkin... I'll have what she's having!

Saturday 2 June 2012 - Three weeks-four days after day one. Ange Arabatzis, Shirley Cattunar and Troy Larkin as themselves, realizing that it was Deana VP's last show...

It's over... Deana VP is over...

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