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A must see...
June 2012

Wonderful performance, incredible script, whether one can relate to Greek mythology and the analogies made to present day society or not, the brilliance of this play lays in it's multifaceted nature. Love, sex, family, politics, the environment are all addressed with great intelligence, strength and subtlety. A must see ! Bravo to the author and the actors for such an amazing and rich performance.

Alison Haysey

So beautiful to work with u guys...
June 2012

Thank you to all involved in putting on Deana VP, from the wonderful writer Pasquale Palmieri to the awesome director, Izequiel McCoy, who created such an amazing environment for the cast to TRUST and take wonderful risks. And thank you to an amazing ego-less, GIVING cast. So beautiful to work with u guys.

Claudia Greenstone

Here's hoping to see more...
June 2012

Congratulations to everyone involved in Deanna VP! GOOD job! wonderful show. Here's hoping to see more of this one.

Bev Hack

Last night was a HUGE success...
June 2012

Congratulations! Last night was a HUGE success! I'm so proud of you and Izeqiel. And of course all the actors and dancers who took it to where it needed to be. Amazing! Loved it!

Marco Palmieri

Playful sass of modern dramedy...
June 2012

Deana VP opens with a beautifully fluid performance by a lone dancer (choreographer Camilla van Rosendal) and erupts into a raging trio with explosive break dance (BBoy William Ramsay). We witness the beauty of the feminine entity being torn apart and brought to the ground in a crushing defeat. 
The dramatic performance ensues to bring the audience quickly to the plight of Deana - and the most pivotal choices and inherent sacrifices that a woman makes. 
The four young characters at the centre of the action, are modern and fun, jostling to foray their own ideas of sex, love, friendship and family. Dialogues between this group of siblings, friends and potential lovers, take the form of lively banter that makes the first act bubble along, with plenty of laughs from the audience.
The charismatic performance of the matriarchal character (Latona, played by Shirley Cattunar) also brings equal doses of comedy and mystery throughout the play.Even as gravity takes a hold and starts plummeting the characters to earth in the second act - surprisingly humourous lines are deftly woven into the darkest scenes. 
Multiple dramatic devices are employed by the playwright to keep the audience aloft on the ride and there are some quirky choices to convey information such as a voice-over disclaimer at the out start and a sign-wielding boxing-ring girl to mark changes of scene that proved entertaining. 
The young four (Deana by Lana Meltzer, Polo by Troy Larkin, Aphro by Claudia Greenstone, Ercole by Ange Arabatzis) are suitably cast, their performances are strong, loose, and fresh.It's clear the director, Izeqiel McCoy, insisted on a strong physicality from the players - interpreting the sensuality of the material to great effect.
I think Deanna VP brings together tones of the Greek tragedy and mixes them with the playful sass of a modern dramedy with success.
I look forward to seeing the next project from Pasquale.

Eleana Sikiotis

The feedback seems great...
June 2012

Wish I could see this, looks awesome and the feedback seems great. The only error I can see is the two day season, hopefully there's a remount I can attend.

Douglas Scott Montgomery

Congratulations to all...
June 2012

Really enjoyed the play last night… very entertaining. Congratulations to all and best of luck tonight.

Anna Cerritelli

A terrific performance...
June 2012

Bravo Pasquale, and what a great introduction to theatre for Karen. A terrific performance, thank you.

Dawn Watts

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